Graham ‘Sleepy’ Mutrie.

Over the years Sleepy (Graham Mutrie) has had many memorable moments in his life.
In his teenage years he was barred from the Thebarton Picture Theatre for not standing up during the playing  of “God Save the Queen”.
He was barred by the SANFL (South Australian National Football League) for abusing and chasing an Umpire on the Oval during a West Torrens game.
Once Frank (Popeye) Nelson, an Intertype operator grabbed him by the throat and threatened to kill him for telling apprentices not to join the Old Guv Office Association.
On our last day at the Old Guv’s King William Road building about 20 of us went to the Queens Head Hotel, behind Adelaide Oval.
After an hour, there was Sleepy in the Kitchen tenderising the steaks. The Chef kicked him out.
When living in Reynella I often saw him running the streets in an effort to get fit.
On a couple of occasions he ran straight into the local Fish and Chip Shop and came out with a big parcel of Fish and Chips to guts on his way home from his fitness run.
When in Melbourne once on a Cricket Club Trip he was sitting in former Aussie Rules footballer and Magarey Medallist John Platten’s Pub near Lygon Street.
He looked up from his bar stool at John Platten and said, “You wouldn’t make any football team I coached”.
Sleeps is still a great bloke and is still a little overweight, still has his beard and still is great mates with Ian “Meggsy” Grunert.


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