In 1964 when the Beatles came to Adelaide they sped past me at 100 kmh.


It was 1964 and I was in my 4th Year at Plympton High School. I was an overweight geek who was called “Humphrey darling” by two blond scrubbers every time they saw me in the schoolyard.
I had already split my pants trying to vault the “wooden horse” out on the oval and a young Greg Chappell had told me to “fuck-off” in the short time that he was there!

My best friend was John Ward, who talked like a girl and walked everywhere on tippy toes. I was a “Loser”.
But magic was on the horizon “The Beatles” were coming to Adelaide minus Ringo Starr. Big “Blob” Francis (5AD) had convinced Brian Epstein in 1963 to bring them here.
Paul McCartney said he would like to see Adelaide and the Plympton girls squealed with delight.
So, as the Big Day approached when they would whizz past the back of Plympton High down Anzac Highway the excitement grew and grew!
And then, the Headmaster of Plympton High School, a Mister Goldsworthy, nicknamed “Chrome Dome”, who was the spitting image of Adolph Eichmann, said “NO!”
“The Beatles are rubbish and you shouldn’t be wasting valuable study time going over to Anzac Highway!”
The student mass gasped in astonishment when the announcement was made in the middle of a dusty quadrangle.

Quickly the rebellious sheilas organised a Strike Committee and had quickly served a “Log of One Demand only” on the balding demagogue. “Let us see the The Beatles”.
Goldsworthy relented and we saw John, George, Paul and Jimmy Nicol (Ringo’s replacement) go roaring past in a blur!
WOne girl knocked herself out on a stobie pole in her mad chase after the Fab Three’s car.



6 thoughts on “In 1964 when the Beatles came to Adelaide they sped past me at 100 kmh.

  1. I worked in King William St & was going out that night & had to get to Myers in Rundle St to get a dress & got pushed into car they were in!

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    • Marianne, The Biro has spoken, tell us more. Please
      When you touched the Queen Nick, was iit n a dream, was it Freddy Mercury or was it in PommyLand?


  2. It wasn’t a dream, nor Farrokh Bulsara – it was in The Old Dart, when I was about 10.
    Her Majesty came to our school to open something (I forget what); she passed very close to me, so I reached out and touched her on the arm.
    Righty-o, Marianne, it’s your turn!

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