Paddy Hickey, “Rat of Tobruk” and Time Docket Bandit.


The stars of the 1944 Charles Chauvel-directed The Rats of Tobruk (Grant Taylor, Peter Finch and Chips Rafferty).
Paddy Hickey was a Printing Machinist who worked on Miehle 2.
Like a lot of blokes in those days he was a World War II veteran and was one of the original “Rats of Tobruk”.
When he was short of time on his work docket he would make up a job docket number for example G1436 or something similar or any other number he could think of to help make up his time.
Bert Parsons, our Foreman would check our time dockets and quite often he would go over to Paddy and ask him where he got his job number from.
“Buggered if I know”, Paddy would reply and go about his work and wouldn’t miss a beat.
This routine would happen over again and again.
I heard a whisper that there was a very well known and flamboyant Compositor who would pull the same sort of stunt.
His theory was that it would take ages for the office people to discover what he had done.
When I was an apprentice I worked with Paddy Hickey and he was a really great bloke to work with.
 Bob Downs

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