Night Storm in Ibiza, Spain.

Justin Gardner is a professional photographer, specializing in event, still life and landscape photography.
He captured the moment that Mother Nature upstaged a fireworks display with her very own “lightening” show.
The Ibiza-based photographer captured this spectacular “man vs nature” moment, from his roof terrace in Figueretas during the Assumption of Mary Bank Holiday celebrations.
Commenting on his photo, Justin says: “I went outside to the sound of fireworks and was blown away by the storm in the distance.
It was an awesome display from both man and nature, so I grabbed my camera to capture this dramatic image”.
Justin took a photo with long exposure and added a few adjustments to the curves, cropped and sharpened to create the final image.
Photograph “Man Vs Nature” © Justin Gardner, 2015 – All Rights Reserved.
More info: | Facebook
via Man Vs Nature: Photographer Captures Incredible Moment During The Storm In Ibiza | Bored Panda.

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