“A Bloody Pain in the Arse.”

Ditch Diggers to Howie, “Now get out of there you “bloody pain in the arse.”
The “pain in the arse” I’m writing about never worked at The Old Guv but most of us knew him, especially the Gazette Staff.
His name was Gordon Howie. He would spend most of his waking hours studying Council Parking By-Laws.
If one was worded wrongly, he would purposely park his car in that Area.
He would have signs on his car stating that the By-Law was incorrect and he could legally park there.
No Council ever fined him and he became the “terror” of the ACC (Adelaide City Council).
One time he parked opposite The Old Guv (the Government House side) in a construction zone.
The Ditch diggers who were preparing to do the construction work around the Guv simply dug around his car.
Gordon was trapped, he was in a bit of a hole and couldn’t get his car out for days.
About 6 months before moving to Netley we started parking our cars when on overtime on the access road road between The Guv and the Old City Baths. “Pain in the Arse” Howie comes along and informs us that what we are doing is illegal.
He tells us that if we continue parking there he will inform the ACC and we would be fined. “I don’t take sides’, he said.
It was because of him that we had to have 10 copies of the Government Gazette at our Publications office in the City by 4 p.m. on Thursdays. He would arrive there around 2 o’clock and wait for the copies to arrive.
The Publications staff were always trying to talk him into getting a postal Subscription. But, this “pain in the arse” was having none of it!
He wanted his Gazette “hot of the press”.

2 thoughts on ““A Bloody Pain in the Arse.”

  1. Howie lived in price street Melrose park he was always making sure the Edwardstown school parents parked correctly especially near his house his son still lives in the area and has the biggest xmas light display in daw park


    • Mary,
      Boy that sounds like Gordon, especially near his place.
      If I remember his son was called Leith and he was a small offset printer.
      Cheers Rod


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