The Toff Report: OGL Luncheon, 30 June, 2017.

Those Old Timers who showed up for Our Luncheon were;

Rob and Wendy Powell, Rod Parham, The Toff, Judy Marks, Bruce and Joan Lockier, ‘Big Den’ Grover, Geoffrey ‘Giraffe’ Michell, Eunice Wright, Ellen Krueger, Ray Belt, Marianne Hunn, Conrad and Norma Rogers, Jack and Helen Flack, Garth Mugford, Charlie, Thelma and David Korff, John ‘Dingo’ and Toni Manfield, Tony and Elaine Fitzsimmons, Don ‘The Flash’ Woolman, Esther and Michael Harris, Vic Potticary, Kevin ‘Dago’ and Judy Stack-Neale, Bob ‘Downsandkissmyass’, David and Wendy Walker, Brian ‘Grubby’ Hartshorne, and Michael Burnett.

And what a great time we all had, probably it was one of the happiest and noisiest Get-Togethers ever.

Rod presented Rob Powell with an Old Guv Legends Award, which was thoroughly deserved.

Rob in reply gave a great acceptance speech and went through some of his highlights at the Old Guv.

Then we had some great stories from Bob Downs and Bruce Lockier which had everyone roaring with laughter.

And me, well I (the Toff ) have managed to maintain my record of never buying anyone a drink ever at any function and what’s more I sleep easy at night. Till next time…Toff

Friday, 18 August, 2017 – Noon – West Adelaide Football Club.

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