1894: Women win the Vote in South Australia.

Mary Lee was one of the driving forces behind the South Australian suffragette movement. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons) ON TUESDAY MORNING, 18 December 1894, the division bells tolled 29… 30… 31. At 31 triumphant cries and applause echoed out of the South Australian parliament as tired campaigners celebrated. They had done it. South Australian women had […]

Two Strange Uses for Mercury.

Mercury was used to treat syphilis in the 1500s, obviously to no relief. An 18th century doctor, John Hunter, claimed to have cured himself of syphilis with mercury but it’s thought he believed himself cured due to the remission phases of syphilis. He championed the use of mercury to treat syphilis and gonorrhea until his […]

The Italian Hall Disaster of 1913 when 60 children died, Michigan.

Christmas Eve marked the anniversary of one of the darkest moments in United States labour history: On that day in 1913, 73 people (mostly children) died in a stampede following a false cry of “Fire!” at the Italian Hall in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The incident occurred during the Copper Strike of 1913. Most of the […]

Helen and Jack Flack, OGL Reunion 2010.

Helen is a real livewire and great conversationalist. Jack a former Reader and Comp. is now quite an accomplished photographer with the Noarlunga and Southern District Camera Club. Along with Noel Maddock and others, Jack has produced an excellent…

“Never Trust a Politician.”

Photo: Leigh McCormack, Mike Rann (South Australian Labor Leader) and Andrew Secker (Government Printer). I can remember when Mike Rann came barnstorming down to the Old Guv at Netley, looking for votes and promising that a Labor Government would never close the Government Printing Office. Well, we all know what happened… But, one of Rann’s […]

The Macabre Tale of Joseph Haydn, Austria 1809.

By George Hamilton Joseph Haydn was one of the most prolific composers in the history of music, and one of the most influential. He was the man whose template gave us the symphony as we know it. It certainly helped that his place of work was out in the country. He was based in a […]

“The Long Weight” A Workplace Prank.

One of the Jokes played on unsuspecting first year apprentices was “The Long Weight”. The lad would usually be sent first to the Machine Room where Brian Long or Reg Francis would sit him down in a chair , then continue on with their work. After about 20 minutes he would then be sent to […]

Cabbie Had a TV In His Cab way back in 1948, Chicago.

Less than 1 percent of American households had a TV set in 1948. But if you were lucky enough to hail a special cab in Chicago during the summer of ’48, you got a brief taste of America’s television-obsessed future. Chicago taxi driver Charles De Lorne was able to give his passengers quite a show, […]

The Strange Old Lady in the Restaurant.

As a student, I occasionally helped out as server at a small American, family-owned restaurant (it wasn’t my regular job). On one occasion I was beckoned over by an elderly lady (imagine Driving Miss Daisy) who said there was a mess under her table I needed to ‘see to’. I knew it was clean before […]