The Totally Weird Wallace Brothers.

2012-01-20The Wallace Brothers, George and Lindsay worked at the Old Guv many years ago and they never spoke to each other at work.
Evidently, there had been a long running family feud  that they carried over into their workplace.
George was a Letterpress Machinist, his brother Lindsay was the Old Guv’s Carpenter.
There was one Letterpress job that required metal type to be screwed onto a solid wooden forme.
When the type had to be changed the carpenter had the job of screwing the “change over” type on to this board.
George Wallace (the printer) would say to me go up and get that bastard and tell him to come down to change the type over for the next job.
George then would disappear until the changeover was completed.
After Lindsay Wallace (the Carpo) had finished this job he would say to me go and find that bastard and tell him the job is done.
This is a true story and hard to believe I know.
The rotten part of it for me was that these two blokes made me the “go between” to carry their nasty messages.
When Lindsay retired, he was replaced by Little Jimmy, “the flip floppin’ salvo carpo”.

Bob Downs

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