Seamus and Bob the Railway Dog, Peterborough.

Hi, my name is Seamus Parham and I will be nine years old in July. That’s me in the picture and the old gentleman is Rod Parham, my Grandpa.
I love my Mum Candace (see below), Uncle Danny, Grandma GMo, Michael and Lady, my dog. And I really like Hot Dogs and Nasi Goreng Noodles.

My Mum loves Australian music, dancing and going on protest marches.

Pictured: “I just love the story of Bob the Railway Dog, who once lived in Peterborough in South Australia and was really famous”.
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Last week Peter Plowman and Linda took me and Grandpa to Peterborough the old railway town. We all had a great time and saw lots and lots of wonderful things. Thank You Peter.
Seamus Parham.


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