Elizabeth Bishop, American Poet 1911-1979.

Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) was an extremely admired American poet, quite popular for her striking sense of witty and descriptive poems.
Bishop was the Poet Laureate of the United States from the year 1949 to 1950.
During her lifetime, she was honored with a Pulitzer Prize in 1956 for her 1955’s “North & South” and a National Book Award for poetry in 1970.
Additionally, she was also bestowed  with a National Book Critics Circle Award as well as two Guggenheim Fellowships and an Ingram Merrill Foundation grant.
Elizabeth_Bishop,_1934_yearbook_portraitElizabeth Bishop in 1934 at Vassar College.
The poetry of Bishop contained a remarkable finish and charming imagination.
Eventually, her works gained ultra fame and in the recent years, they have been greatly attracting readers as well as critics.
Also “Elizabeth Bishop House” is an artists’ retreat located in Great Village, Nova Scotia which is dedicated to this great poet of the 20th century.
Bishop’s short stories and poetry were first published in “The New Yorker”.
via Famous People.

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