William (Bill) Deer “Where are You”?

This is Bill Deer.

Bill is a bit of a Legend amongst old Newspaper people.
He would be around 65 years old now (probably a little older).
He was apprenticed to a commercial printer in the late 1960s and then worked as a Hot Metal Compositor at the old Adelaide “News” when it was situated in North terrace.
He then moved on to the Adelaide “Advertiser” when Rupert Murdoch sold the News.
He then went to work for the Adelaide Advertiser (which Rupert had bought) and saw out the last of the hot metal technology in Waymouth Street, Adelaide.
He hung around a while at the “Tiser” and as Bill was an active trade unionist with the PKIU proved to be a pain in the arse to the Advertiser management.
Finally Bill took Redundancy from the Advertiser, and worked as a Cab Driver, Hire Car operator, Bus Driver, Jack of all Trades and then spent quite some time in the deep North in Queensland.
He came back to Adelaide, told me he wanted my help to organise a Reunion for old News and Advertiser workers and then I haven’t seen him since.
If there is anyone out there who knows where Billy is please contact me on 0424 294 450.
It would be appreciated.
Rod Parham

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