Sluggo goes Fishin with Ken and the Gunman.

Back in 1972, the effervescent, red-headed pom Ken Davis took Barry “Gunman” Basford and  Greg “Sluggo” Novice fishing at Elliston on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.
They intended to fraternise with the Abalone Divers off Elliston and imbibe the local piss (Southwark), do a bit of surfing and let the “Gunman” roam free.
But not long after arriving Kenny started acting strangely. The local head copper who looked a little like “Chips” Rafferty had said “Gudday” to the boys and from that time on Kenny would run and hide everytime he saw the Police Ute.
Why was he hiding, only the “Gunman” knew! He wasn’t sayin’.
Meanwhile, Sluggo was living his normal life, big noting about how he was going to make the Norwood ‘A’ Side if only his mate John “Rags” Elsdon made the Bays ‘A’ side. But let’s face it they were both losers!
At night they would drink with the hard as nails Abalone divers and Ken would entertain the local “Cockies”.
The farmers, of course had little humour and when Kenny complained about the rain at Elliston he nearly created a riot in the Front bar.
So, the next night he went back and told the astonished “Cockies” that his favourite meal was Baked Rabbit and Vegies.
To like baked bunny was heresy in the Bush and so they stopped talking to the boys.
So the lads saw out their time at Elliston surfing and fishing off the beach. They did real well too!
Ken would leave early in the morning on his tredley to have a surf, always heavily disguised (see above). Only the “Gunman” knew why and he wasn’t sayin’.


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