Aussie Artist paints Barns in Alabama.

LEXINGTON, Alabama — Imagine taking a three-month tour of the United States and being allowed to use the sides of old barns as a paint canvas.
That’s what one woman from Australia is doing.
The woman, a street artist who uses the name Kaff-eine, just spent a couple of weeks in Lexington touring the area and painting designs on barns.
She came to north Alabama with an invitation from businessman Fran Guerra, who owns Guerra Holdings.
One of its subsidiaries, Global Special Effects, does business with the woman’s friend in Australia.
“It’s so lovely here,” she said. “I did three or four paintings in New York City, in Brooklyn and Queens.
Then, I did three in the Pittsburgh area and one in Kentucky before coming down here to stay with Fran and his family.”
Kaff-eine left Lexington for New Orleans on Tuesday, but plans to come back through the area before returning to her home in Melbourne.
“I was a lawyer and had worked in the public sector,” she said.
“Painting was just a hobby until I found out I could do commissioned works.
I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and meet wonderful people.
“This old barn in a cornfield just welcomed me, and I thought the murals would be a nice gift back to the community.”
Guerra said his friend in Australia told him she was coming to the United States.
“We gave her a place to stay and found her a couple of places to paint,” he said.
“It’s amazing what she can do with a spray can of paint. I love it. I would like to see what she can do on a flat street surface.”
via Australian street artist painting Ala barns – Wire Entertainment

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