The Power of Women.

Saffiyah Khan staring down English Defence League protester Ian Crossland during a demonstration in Birmingham.
Image Credit: Photograph by Joe Giddens/PA
Shows of strength and defiance aren’t in short supply at your average protest – demonstrating, by its nature, requires a level of commitment that weeds out the bystanders.
But what is it that makes the money shot? The protest photo that goes viral?
Women, or, more accurately, one woman. Often a striking, beautiful-looking woman.
But mostly, a woman who looks like a badass and yet displays a quiet dignity.

A demonstrator faces down a riot policeman during a protest marking the country’s 1973 military coup in Santiago, Chile on 11 September 2016.
Image Credit: Photograph by Carlos Vera/Reuters
Source: Protest photos: the power of one woman against the world | World news | The Guardian

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