This was the House for Tomorrow in 1933.

gedhb9wfvxizjyn6tmxzThe 12-sided House of Tomorrow in 1933 (Photo by Kaufmann-Farby)
When the House of Tomorrow was completed in 1933 it gave visitors a sneak peek at the shiny, optimistic future that was to come—all twelve sides of it.
Today, this relic of the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair sits in disrepair. But preservationists are hoping to change that with the announcement of a new campaign to restore the house to its former glory.
The National Trust for Historic Preservation has declared the House of Tomorrow a “National Treasure,” and the Indiana Landmarks organization plans to raise $2 million to preserve the house.
Technically, the house is now property of the National Park Service and has been since the 1960s, but budget cuts for maintenance of historic buildings have left the House of Tomorrow neglected.
“By declaring it a National Treasure, we have the opportunity to save the House of Tomorrow while also honoring its legacy of innovation,” David J. Brown of the National Trust for Historic Preservation said in a statement.
Read on via House of Tomorrow From 1933 Declared National Treasure, Will Be Restored

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