Steve Buscemi’s Top 10 Movies.

Pictured: Steve Buscemi in “Boardwalk Empire.” (HBO). 1. Billy Liar – John Schlesinger An early sixties, black and white British gem from John Schlesinger. Tom Courtenay plays a dreamer who wants to bust out of his small town with the help of Julie Christie. One of the saddest endings to a comedy I’ve ever seen. […]

Peter Lorre, Actor (1904-1964).

Photo: Peter Lorre as he appeared in the Maltese Falcon. by Philip French He was born László Lowenstein in Rosenberg, Hungary. Briefly a bank clerk before studying acting in Vienna and then performing throughout the German-speaking world, the 5ft 3in, saucer-eyed Lorre found enduring fame in Berlin under the auspices of two of Weimar’s greatest […]

Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Tree, Dorset.

The famous Sycamore (Acer Pseudoplatanus) tree on Tolpuddle Village Green, Dorset is a place of pilgrimage for thousands of trade unionist every year. It is not only the largest Sycamore in Dorset, it is also growing on the smallest village green in Dorset. The Tree planted in the 1680’s has secured its place in history, […]

Sluggo goes Fishin with Ken and the Gunman.

Back in 1972, the effervescent, red-headed pom Ken Davis took Barry “Gunman” Basford and  Greg “Sluggo” Novice fishing at Elliston on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. They intended to fraternise with the Abalone Divers off Elliston and imbibe the local piss (Southwark), do a bit of surfing and let the “Gunman” roam free. But […]

The Heidelberg T Platen a Prince of Presses.

Since the creation of metal type, there has never been such a successful machine as the Heidelberg platen. Schnellpresse, as Heidelberg was called in the early days, built their business around this press. Platens were sold all over the world and when it was time to stop, in 1985, more than 165,000 “T” platens were […]

The London Beer Flood, 1814.

As far as drowning goes, drowning in a tidal wave of free booze probably isn’t the worst way to go, but only the seven victims of the London Beer Flood could tell us for sure. On October 17, 1814, about 610,000 liters of beer flooded out of the Meux and company brewery in a 15-foot […]

Just another Firefighter, Australia.

by Leonie from the Hunter Valley. The thin, wrinkle-faced man, wearing yellow fire fighter’s overalls, raked his eyes up and down my similarly clad frame, then stood and looked at me in silence for a moment. Slightly nervously, I returned his look. Then he spoke. “You’re a woman.” I refrained from a moment of verbal […]

Day of Mourning and Protest, Sydney, 1938.

On 26 January 1938, a day of mourning was arranged in Sydney, Australia by the Aborigines Progressive Association to protest ‘the callous treatment of aboriginal people by the white population during the past 150 years since British colonisation. via Day of Mourning: Australia Hall, Sydney, 1938.

Band of Hope Pledge Card.

A beautiful example of the type of pledge cards that were being produced in the late nineteenth century. My mother had one similar produced by her Church in the 1920s. It wasn’t anywhere as ornate as the one above but still looked pretty special. The Band of Hope, a society founded to protect children from […]

“Kick it to me Rags.”

Above: Our Russell’s favourite footy player from the good old days of West Torrens – Lindsay Head. When I was 16, the Government Printer boys played another Printing Shop (possibly E. S. Wigg and Son) at Aussie Footy. The match was held at National Park, Belair. I didn’t have a car or driver’s licence back […]