Caroline bakes a Gingerbread Smaug.

swedish-3d-artist-bakes-the-legendary-smaug-from-the-hobbit-out-of-gingerbread__880Viktorija G.
For this holiday season, Swedish 3D artist Caroline Eriksson decided to make an impressive present for ‘The Hobbit’ fans.
She created this amazing gingerbread sculpture of legendary Smaug – a fictional fearless and greedy dragon from J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy. The gingerbread masterpiece took her many hours to bake and construct.
Making the dragon was not an easy task – the artist had to add loads of syrup and flour to the dough to make the material thick and support the whole structure of the massive sculpture.
According to Afftonbladed, Eriksson plans to keep the dragon till it collapses by itself – it would be too cruel to eat her two weeks worth of work.
The Smaug is not the first of Eriksson’s gingerbread sculptures.
Last year, she won the first prize in the 2013 Mill Gingerbread Competition in Norway with her wonderful Optimus Prime from ‘The Transformers.’
More info:, Facebook (h/t: laughingsquid, aftonbladet)
via Swedish Artist Bakes Dragon The Smaug From ‘The Hobbit’ Out Of Gingerbread | Bored Panda.

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