“Job Satisfaction”.

I was at a Mass Meeting of union members back in the 1980s when the Big Boss came down to address the Workers.
The printing company was planning to “work in teams,” and “work smarter, but not harder.
” Yeah Right!
After spending quite some time preaching on the merits of the new system and how it was a “win-win” situation for everybody at the company, the boss paused and said, “Are there any questions?”
Agonising silence followed and then a voice pops up at the the rear of the meeting.
In a gruff, sarcastic tone the questioner asks his question.
“What are we going to get out of it then?” “This workin’ smarter stuff in teams.”
Proudly the Big Boss proclaimed, “JOB SATISFACTION.”
“Well, Fuck me,” the questioner retorted.
“Job satisfaction never bought my kids a square meal or clothes for their back.”
The Big Boss turned on his heels and strode quickly away.
Meeting Closed.

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