1950s Crazy Art.


Source:: Shell Petroleum.
JF Ptak Science Books LLC Post 907
I like Found Art categories: Found Absurdist, Found Surrealist, Found Cubist. This is a vision of art or design produced for something specifically not absurd or surreal or cubist, but once removed from their intended environment and definers, become the thing that was beyond their specified reach.
The examples are all from the mid-1950’s, their sources reprinted below:
Source: Shell Petroleum.
And this Spongebob-like existence under water, where you can have beaches and surf and fire and etc. at the bottom of the sea:
And of course the mom at the modern electric range feeling the birth of some sort of deep outer space astronautical space travel outer space rocket (though with no visible viewing windows which leads me to believe that perhaps no Outer Space Astronauts were on board):
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