“The Leaking Loo”.

ganja_resurrection_1-scaled5001Nick Penn and Ashley (Mork) Williams were the two most jealous and envious men ever to “work” at Netley.
These two henpecked home hubbies were not allowed to join the Cricket Club and they were green with envy when a trip was coming up.
So they both decided to Sabotage one of our trips to Victoria.
Leading up to the Friday departure John Freebairn and I put three large 20 litre Plastic Bottles by our work tables.
They would be used for p****ng into during the Bus Trip to Melbourne.
During the afternoon shift our two jealous cretins put holes in the bottom of the three large bottles.
Now Nick has always claimed that he didn’t do it, he just watched! 
Nick will always be seen as an accessory to this fiendish and loathsome act of two very envious men.
By the time we arrived at Bordertown it was obvious what had happened.
Stinking piss was running down the bus aisle and causing absolute chaos amongst our senior members.
We dumped the foul bottles in a rubbish bin on the side of the Highway.
When we arrived back at work on the Wednesday, all Nick would say was, “It wasn’t Me!” “It wasn’t Me!”.
The Cricket Trip wasn’t spoilt by these two malicious cretins.
Did I get them back? “Of course!”
For the next six months Mork’s morning tea or lunch would sometimes mysteriously disappear from the Tea Room fridge whilst Nick accused someone else for his unfortunate bit of “bad luck”.