Dear Editor, “My Confession.”

I have been the victim of a whispering campaign for the past 44 years.
The Fire
I want my old workmates to know that I didn’t start the Fire in the Electricity Area of the Old Government Printing Office way back in 1970.
BUT, I did alert everyone by running through the Machine Room, screaming like a little girly.
The Fire Brigade put out the fire and at the same time filled up the well outside the basement window with water.
Barry Cagney nearly opened the window, which would have seen him flushed away forever.
Longest Serving Shit Boy
I believe that when I was at the Guv I was the longest serving shit boy ever! Forget the Flash, and dirty David Barber.
For two and a half years I worked very hard at becoming a great shitboy which meant a lot of arse kissing, crawling and never saying “NO!”
I became so famous that people came from all over the world to study me.
Luckily, they never gave me a Spelling Test.
Several times I was asked to be a Guest Lecturer at Adelaide University lecturing on the subject of “What makes a Perfect Shitboy”.
So, it broke my heart that I was wrongly accused of being an arsonist.
The vicious whispering campaign started back then and has haunted me for 44 years.
I do hope you publish this article so people can know the Real Truth.

2 thoughts on “Dear Editor, “My Confession.”

  1. Dear Bazza,
    I have known you 42 years and you never tell a lie. Who was the brute who started the smear campaign. Was it boddownsankissmyarse?
    All the Best to you, I do pray that you will be able to sleep now.


  2. Bazza wrote:

    What a Day !!!

    The Flames were High the Explosion Deafening, many ran and Escaped that Day. Yes I was First to sound the Alarm.
    Barry Cagney was My Hero ,he was Calm and Alert. Ready to Fight the Flames and save his Workmates.
    He stood alone to guide the Firemen into the Inferno and was ready to climb into that unforgiving well to allow water to flood the area to prevent the whole Building from becoming a flaming Nightmare.
    It was to be kept quiet about Barry’s Heroic Actions. The Govt. Printer Mr. Jumbo James wanted to award Him a Special Medal
    But Barry refused and simply asked for eight hours Saturday Overtime to help Clean up the Mess. What a man.

    Rod, There are Many Stories from the Govt.Printing Machine Room and more will be Disclosed another day.
    Thank you Bazza


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