Cyril Day.

Cyril Day operated Miehle 1. Each morning at 8 am Cyril would cut out his Innersoles for the day from strawboard.
Next job was to oil the press which was done by Cyril and an apprentice each doing NEAR side or OFF side of the press.
Miehle 1 was a smaller Model which could take Double Demy Formes.
Blocks of Photos for the Police Gazette were printed on this Press because it had a wet spray system to avoid set off. This spray was a sugary liquid which dried instantly as it was sprayed onto each sheet.
It was a hand fed flatbed machine. A skilled Operator could feed the machine at about 2000 sheets per hour.
It was also a machine which exposed the operator to abuse by fellow employees who could sneak under the feed table and scare shit out of the printer.
Cyril’s wife expected him home straight after work for tea. Because of this Cyril would ALWAYS go missing around 3:45 p.m. everyday!
“I’M OUT THE BACK,” he would shout to his apprentice.
Many times the Overseer would ask the Apprentice to sneak over to “The Strath” to ask Cyril to come back to set up the press for urgent Parliamentary work.
It was great working with Cyril he had started at the Government Printing Office when he was only 15 and it was unbelievable that he was once a “Shit Boy.”
He was a quietly spoken man who on his Retirement day at 65 was ONLY recognized for his Loyalty and Service by His Workmates. Typical.