“Dawn Fraser and Big Pretzel at the City Baths.”


A Photo of the City Baths taken in 1919 (SA Collections).
The Old Government Printing Office was right next to the old City Baths. Both buildings have been gone for years now.
A Slim and Great Aussie Swimmer, Dawn Fraser.
Adelaide entertainer and celebrity Big Pretzel in Vietnam, 1966.
When the weather was hot and it was Ladies and Girls day at the City Baths I am sure there would have been typesetters, comps and binders hanging their leering and sinful heads out of the ground floor window and lusting after the semi nude female talent on display below in the pool.
During the 1950s the centre of attraction was a young Dawn Fraser who was training for the Olympics and sunbathing with her was an equally young “Big Pretzel” singer, dancer and striptease artist.
A Photo taken by Paul Korff of the City Baths being pulled down.
It was probably out of one of the Guv’s windows that the late Paul Korff (Monotype Operator) peered down just in time to see his wonderful little car which had just been stolen disappearing around the corner and down King William Road.