“Roger’s Little Black Book.”

littleblackbookThe Printing Trade is notorious for doing “foreign orders.”
What are foreign orders? You might know them as foreignees or buckies (buckshee) or even freebies.
Some people do them for payment in money, goods or grog. And others do them because they are too stupid to ask for anything (me).
Yes, it’s illegal, wrong or just plain criminal.
But often big bosses come down on the shop floor and put the heat on the poor old comps, printers and binders to “do us a favour mate!”
That’s where the late Roger Francis (Old Guv Comps) and his Black Book came in.
Roger kept very accurate records of every foreign order he was asked to do over many years. He included proofs and a sample of the finished job.
His little book made very interesting reading, because it seemed the higher you were in the organisation the more foreignees you got done.
And the reason he did all this was to guarantee his Job Security!
You work it out.

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  1. From a Machine Room perspective, the Alberton Football Club and the Tea Tree Gully Hotel were both well served by ‘foreignees’. You put the names of Machine Room bosses to the Clubs.


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