Rats, Dags and Duthie.

rat-fink-scaled500Hi, my name is Grant Hofmeyer.
In 1964 I lived at Blackwood and caught the train to work at Leals Printers.
Joining the train at Eden Hills was Barry Cagney (Dags) who caught me reading some of the trade school texts and determined that I might end up being a printer like him.
At some time after that, our Trade School class walked over to the Old Guv to have a go at the 3M over-lay/infrared thing.
It didn’t work too well on that day, but we dutifully brought our make-ready over-lays back to the school and tried to use them. Very limited success.
Barry spotted me while we were at the office, and after that we chatted a bit on the train.
At the end of my apprenticeship, I had a chance association with a friend of my father and in the course of other conversations, he asked me was I going to stay at Leal’s.
I  wanted to move on from bus tickets and Commercial Bank cheques.
He had some association with the GPD through some accounting  job, so I wrote to enquire what the employment situation was.
I was given a time and date to attend for interview.
The interview was a walk around the Machine Room with Allan Morris and there seemed to be a feeling that I’d got the job.
Brief waves and hello’s from Dags and Dennis Duthie (from Trade School) This seemed to be confirmed when a voice said, ‘so how soon can you start’?
What a filthy and shocking mess the place was. I was soon made aware of rat catching competitions and the difficulty of moving formes around on the horrible asphalt floor.
Within a few days, I’m watching Clarrie filling in holes with boiling lead from the smelter.
Crumbling rubble from the walls was swept up every morning and the cloud of dust settled on any available inky surface.