“Dirty” Red Headed David Barber.

Image: Dave with “Tex” McMillan, Victorian Cricket Club.
Dave Barber is honoured and proud that he was “The Last Shitboy” in the Guv. Comp Room.
He writes,
Knowing the calibre of the long list of Eminent Shitboys that preceded me over 100 years made me very proud to be made the  very last shitboy back in 1977.
Every day I used to wake up and rush to work because I knew that the day would be entertaining and full of Fun. They were the best years of my working life!
David Barber was a likeable red headed larrikin. He could mix in with just about everyone, young or old.
Unfortunately, at home he had a lot of trouble with  his parents over the colourful language he used to describe his sisters.
His best work as an Idiot was done on The Guv Cricket Club Trips to Melbourne.
Like, when he made money by getting total strangers to pay to view “The Beached Sperm Whale” sleeping in Rod Parham’s bed. Oh! He finally apologised to Rod after 30 years.
Once John Freebairn and I took him to Luna Park pissed out of his brain. After 5 Circuits of the Big Dipper there was Dave behind the Kiosk spewing his guts up. Still not giving up there was more beer, more loops and a lot more chundering behind the Kiosk.
He reached the Peak of Idiocy at the Unley Oval Cricket Match when he won the Geoff Morey Trophy for his pitiful portrayal of the Son of Arthur Dunga (Colin Rawlings).
On one of our all day Saturday Pub Crawls in the city of Adelaide he was barred from drinking in the Criterion Hotel. “We don’t serve drunks black or white,” the barmaid said. “But, what about redheads?” David slurred.
About an hour later there we were in Gawler Place trading blows with each other. Still I can’t remember why, but we all kissed and made up!
On the Bus heading home down the Main South Road, David suggested that we all get off at the Victoria Hotel for one last drink. “Yes!” we all chorused in agreement.
Dave pressed the Stop button outside the Victoria Pub and jumped off the Bus.
Being the arseholes we were, we all sat motionless until the Bus moved off with us on board.
Looking out the back we all waved and laughed at the sad, lonely, red headed figure disappearing under a shower of rain.
David went on to become a very good marathon runner and had a successful career as a SANFL boundary umpire.
He was probably the Nicest and Most Popular Red Head to work at the Printing Office.

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    . . . apart from these other gingernuts – Ian Grunert, Bruce Gow, Christine Wallace, Colin Rawlings, Ian Ingham, Mark McInnes – just to name a few!


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