Porky’s All-Stars.

img_0157-1Allan “Porky” Dell was Desperate…
His Salvation Army Basketball Team couldn’t win a Game.
Most games the Porky “Easybeats” couldn’t even score a single point! They were hopeless.
Now, Porks knew that I played for South Adelaide as did Barry Basford.
He pleaded with us to come and play to save his pathetic and downtrodden team.
So, on a cloudy, wintery, windy, miserable Saturday arvo in July, Barry and I arrived at the Salvo’s bitumenised outside courts in Bonython Park, opposite Coca Cola Bottlers.
We should have known better because as the game started the first person in the “shit” was me. I was told, “No Swearing here!”
Then Barry screams out to Porky, “Pass me the bloody ball Porky!”
Mrs. Dell who was standing quietly on the sidelines soon let Barry know that his name was Allan and definitely not “Porky.”
Our careers with the Salvo’s didn’t last long.
Sorry Porky, oops I mean Allan….

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