“Don’t tell me!”


Warren Pietsch worked night shift for many years and would get his wife to tape the Friday night AFL football match so he could watch it when he got home from work.
An innocent Leading Hand unaware of this in the beginning, strolled up to Warren and started to tell him who was winning.
Warren immediately covered his ears and walked away so his replay of the match would not be spoilt.
The Leading Hand who over the years had seen Warren play many jokes on fellow employees decided that here was a perfect opportunity for pay back.
About every half hour he would approach Warren and start sprouting out the latest scores of the games and Warren would cover his ears and disappear.
This little game continued for several weeks with the same result until one night the Leading Hand sought out Ian Bailey who I think came to and from work in the same car with Warren.
Just before Knock Off Time, the Leading Hand handed Ian a note and asked him to give it to Warren at the time clock.
Ian not knowing what was in the note, obligingly did so.
Guess what was in the note.

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