Nice Frank meets Crazy Dennis.


Frank Harding “Mister Nice Guy.”
It was around 1969.
Frank Harding was an English Gentleman who had been brought over from the Old Dart to raise the standard of the comping skills in the Jobbing Room.
Now Frank was a bloke who fainted at the sight of blood and any creepy crawly insect that moved.
So when he spied a moth in his frame, he near shit himself. Hearing all the commotion coming from the frame behind him, Dennis Starr asked Frank what the problem was?


Frank’s shaky finger pointed to the large moth in the corner of his frame. Dennis stared at Frank and said, “Don’t worry, I eat live moths,” and with that he grabbed the moth and calmly put it in his mouth and ate it.
Frank staggered back to his stool and sat down.
Next day we were all paying Dennis 20c each to watch him eat live moths, bugs and frogs. He would put Salt on the frogs and then chomp them up.
For Lunch he would eat sandwiches that looked like they had ants on them. They stank as well.
He once went solo to Western Australia by hitchhiking and got there and back for only ten dollars.
When told by his local council to remove an old wreck of a car from his front lawn he put chicken wire around it, got some chooks and then told the council it was a chook house.
Yes, Dennis Starr was one out of the box and so was Frank Harding.

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