Netley Typesetters.

Front: Left to Right Kym Frost and Robert Padfield.
I think we have Rod Merritt behind Frosty and it might be a very young John Marshallsay behind Robert.
At the Back: Steve Palmer could be the bloke near the clock with the white T Shirt and I am sure that Max Gill is the chap with white shirt and tie.

5 thoughts on “Netley Typesetters.

  1. Hmmm, possibly ‘Fred" Preece near the clock, although he looks too tall to be him. Looks a bit like Ian Pipprell though.Looks like Jim Hosking with the tie, although doubtful it is.Daryl ‘Dotless’ O’Keefe to the right of Robert P.As for the rest – no idea.


  2. NICK,I reckon the guy near the clock is Steve Palmer. Directly behind Rob Padfield is Ray McKay I would say. Rod


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