Big Den’s Sea Monkeys.


The sea monkeys you ask?
Back in the 1970s there was a fad for things like pet rocks, long hair, floral shirts, pink flares, platform shoes, glowing oil lava lamps, cheese fondue parties, Daddy Cool, Skyhooks and bloody sea monkeys.
You bought  the sea monkeys in a packet, chucked them in water and then after quite some time they started to turn into some sort of creature.
They were actually brine shimp.
Big Den loved his pet sea monkeys who swam happily around in their bowl in the work room.
But, there were some extremely jealous and psychotic compositors who hated seeing Big Den enjoying the company of his newfound tiny friends.
Den’s precious little  sea monkeys suffered a shocking and terrible fate, just ask him what those bastards did.

4 thoughts on “Big Den’s Sea Monkeys.

  1. ha! you could barely see them, much less train them or appreciate the crowns they wore. (comment from a jaded sea monkey owner.)


    • I couldn’t agree more. Adelaide water is horrible and ugly at the best of times. When I used to stare into Big Den’s little bowl I saw nought, nothing, nada, sweet FA. Jaded I can live with that and I understand perfectly. All the Best and thanks for the input.


  2. reretro, maybe you didn’t feed them the proper food. I know Big Den had some special seaWEED he would sprinkle on the water’s surface. They grew quite large and could do somersaults on demand.
    derwombat, you are being very cruel – shame on you bagging Adelaide’s water. It is world-class now and has been for decades.
    However, the southern suburbs’ water supply does leave a lot to be desired!
    Perhaps reretro should move from Canberra to Adelaide to share our pristine, fluoride-impregnated water supply – then get some tips off Big Den.

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