Grubby’s False Alarm.

htf_trailer_061608-54-scaled500One day whilst working in the Jobbing Room at Netley I noticed Grubby Hartshorne passing by.
He stopped off at the Jobbing Office and was having a decent old chat with Charlie Ludlow.
The old Grubs liked to relax when chatting and I saw him leaning back on his chair.
Being so busy working at the time I took no more notice.
And then it happened…The Fire Siren exploded and could be heard all over the Comp Room.
Being the responsible workers we all were we all started heading to  to the Fire Exit.
And then Grubby did a strange thing he flew out of the Jobbing Office and started yelling, “Come back!” “Come back!”
“It’s only a False alarm, I leaned back so far in my chair that I accidentally set off the Fire Siren.”
“Fuck Off, Grubby”, we all cried. “If you want to burn to death go your hardest!”
And with that we were Gone!