“A Bunch of Wackas.”

An amazing photo from the Old Guv comp room, sadly, a number of the people here are no longer with us....

From Left to Right: John “Macca” McInerney (obscured), Kevin “Dago” Stack-Neale, Rod “Sam” Lawn, John “Rags” Elsdon, Don “Keyhole” Guscott, Takis “Tarkey” Lavithis, Albert Wellman, Warren “a.b.o.” Pietsch, George Davis (standing in background), Syd Ball (distant background), Harry “The Horse” Kinder (background and seated). Front: Jimmy Tennant and Mark McInnes.

Those who have passed on are Takis, Albert, George, Syd, Harry, Takis, Warren and Jimmy.

“Always remembered”.


2 thoughts on ““A Bunch of Wackas.”

  1. I can recognise Stacka, Don Guscott, George Sparnon(?), Sid Ball? Is the bloke with glasses George Davis, Esther’s dad?Don’t recogise the other chap.


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