“Lights! Arti!”

At Lunchtime at The Old Guv at King William Road, the Foreman would turn off all the lights.
And, that was every day and I mean every day. Frank Lock, clicker, would go to the Lunch Room by the old back stairs.
On his way, he would stop outside of Ron Hamence’s, reading cubbyhole and point upwards to the ceiling.
“Lights Arti,” he would say, and would then keep repeating it until Arti would come out, point to the ceiling and answer “Lights Frank.”
WHY? I don’t know, but day in, day out, this Ritual would be played out by Frank and Arti.
But, one day Ron took off early for Lunch and headed to Rundle Street. Had Frank missed out?
Ron made his way to Harris Scarfes, a retailer in the city. Whilst in the middle of shopping, who should bob up, point upwards to the ceiling and say “Lights Arti.”
Yes! It was Frank Lock…
Frank had seen Arti duck out and had followed him all the way to Harris Scarfes.
Arti then turned in front of the assistant and some customers pointed to the ceiling and answered “Lights Frank.”
Needless to say Frank and Arti continued on with the Ritual (minus Harris Scarfes) at the Netley Complex!