“A Touch of Porno.”

img_0063Another true story from The Toff
Kevin McBride’s wife Clair was an expert seamstress. She later took up the art of crocheting and Clair became known for her artisan skills.
One day an excited Kevin announced to the Netley planning room that his wife was to appear on television on Channel 10 in a production called A Touch of Elegance hosted by Jaye Walton, an up-market women’s program in Adelaide.
Kevin said they were taping the show and he would bring in the VHS tape later in the week so we could all view it.
Wow! We just couldn’t wait for it to happen.
Sure enough, he brought in the tape of Clair and during our lunch break, we (a small group) ventured down to Grant Hofmeyer’s NPITC office in the store at Netley.
Kevin asked Grant if it would be OK if we used his TV and VHS to view Clair his wife being interviewed on A Touch of Elegance and also showing her crochet skills.
Grant said it was alright, but commented that it had better not be a porno tape. Kevin was shocked and stressed by Grant’s comment and said that it was no such tape.
Well, we were all set and the tape rolled. Then shock, horror, dismay – no it was not A Touch of Elegance, but a full on hot porno sex scene between a young couple. Grant was furious and switched the TV off frantically and asked Kevin if that was his wife performing.
The look on Kevin’s face was priceless. He could not believe what he had just witnessed.
Then from outside the office peering in through the window was Reg Handke with a huge grin on his face and holding up a VHS tape.
Yep! our Reg had switched tapes and not one person had seen him do it.
What a bastard!
The Toff




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