The Toff had a crap 2016.

Last year Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills was hit with a hail storm accompanied with the worst winds in 20 years.
The mercury plunged to around 0.9 degrees around 11.00am.
In the past 12 weeks 553mm of rain has fallen up here.
We had four trees lopped at the top and branches were strewn about like feathers and some acted as spears entering the soft ground by up to 100 to 150mm.


The hail lasted around 20 hours before melting. Our power supply was off for approximately 14 hours.
Fortunately, the Rileys have a combustion wood heater, but no fan. Boo Hoo!

The Toff      

11 thoughts on “The Toff had a crap 2016.

  1. My Settler combustion heater has a beautiful three-speed fan powered by electricity, which really pushes the hot air throughout the house.
    PS Nice pile of wood there, Alex.

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    • Watched in awe this morning as a 100ft+ gum crashed before my eyes on my neighbour’s property – heard a crack and down it came – he now has 4 gums down – the biggest one down is over 110ft and extends well into the neighbouring property – worst winds up here for 30 years – my backyard spring was pushing out water at about 10 litres per minute


    • Have replied Rod – now have had 700mm rain up here since 1st May – last night another 33mm fell – stuck my walking stick into a damp area and it went down 46mm or 18 inches into the ground

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