John Dawe.

John Dawe was born on 5th October, 1941.
He joined the Government Printing Office in 1957, as an Apprentice to Letterpress Printing and worked both in King William Road and at Netley.
I’m sure the above photo was taken in the City when John was just a hairy arsed boy.
John was a pleasant, quick witted and intelligent man, but it didn’t stop there.
He was one of the finest people we have ever met and he had that honesty and integrity that some of us will never have.
John was active on the GPD Association Committee and introduced the 20 year service badge.
He was moved to the 6th floor of the State Government Insurance Commission Building  in 1982. He was looking after the Reprographics Unit there.
Sadly, in 1988, John had an intensive battle with Cancer and I can well remember going with Rod Parham to visit him in the Hospice on South Terrace in his final weeks.
It was heartbreaking for Rod and I to see John so brave during this terrible time.
When he passed away he left so many funny and special memories for all of his workmates.

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