Bob Miller.

001-scaled5001Born 17th May, 1941, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bob left Scotland in 1955, with 4 out of 6 siblings and his parents.
He traveled to Australia by sea, a journey of some 7 weeks.
Prior to commencing with the Government Printing Office he worked as a Courier, painter and labourer in the building trade. He also worked as a storeman for Arnotts Biscuits.
At the Guv Bob was a Storeman, smelter, cleaner and whatever. He worked hard and did the things no-one else would do.
Some years ago, Vic Potticary and I went to see Bob in the Royal Adelaide Hospital after he had a stroke.
For a man who had lost the use of his legs and who was laying flat on his back in hospital he was remarkably cheerful and we chatted away for quite some time about his childhood days in Scotland.
Several months later, Bob was diagnosed with Cancer and passed away shortly afterwards.
One story that sticks in my mind were the days of TVSP’s at Netley. Someone in management had decided that Bob should be one of the first to go. He rang me at the Union in a very distressed state, he wanted to stay on a bit longer.
So along with Andrew Secker’s agreement we found someone who was breaking their neck to go and swapped with Bob.
Several years later I bumped into Bob in a supermarket when he was driving as a Courier for a mate of his. He grabbed my hand with a vice-like grip and thanked the Union for its help.
That was Bob. Rest in Peace Lad.