Lydia Stone.

Lydia Stone joined her good friend Marilyn Harding at the Old Guv Reunion on Sunday, 21st October, 2012. Thanks Lydia for helping with the name tags on the day. Photo by Mark Noble

Parliament House under construction.

The South Australian Parliament House under construction in 1938-1939. The Old Guv can be seen at the end of the construction wall. Certainly more cars around and a bus nearing the corner of North Terrace and KWR. Australia is coming out of the de…

It’s Time to Celebrate Our Losers.

When I was at school, we’d do a death a week. “Open your books, boys and girls, today it’s Ludwig Leichhardt.” “So sir, how did he die?” “Miserable and alone in Queensland, boys and girls. In this way he is quite different to Burke and Wills who died miserable and alone in the centre. And […]

Uranus, No Place Like Home.

The planet Uranus is spectacularly far away. Even when viewed from Saturn, the next planet in, icy Uranus is still just a few pixels of blue in an inky black sky. This photo was taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft while the probe was 2,659,800,000 miles away from Uranus. Here, Saturn’s A and F rings arc […]

The Elrod Rule Caster.

The Elrod was perfected by Benjamin Elrod in 1917. The machine is an extrusion-type device with type metal entering the mould on one side and then cooling, solidifying and being pulled from the mould on the other. The original machine only made 6 point leading. In 1920 sales and manufacture of the Elrod were transferred […]

“The Chapel.”

When William Caxton set up the country’s first printing press at Westminster in 1476, the process separated into two operations that remained little changed for some 400 years. First, compositors arranged from their case of type individual letters and spaces to form lines of text, which were assembled in galleys before being locked into place. […]

Chuck Berry, a Great American Songwriter.

Berry was known for being as colourful offstage as he was when he performed. Photograph by On Saturday, 18 March, rock musician Chuck Berry died at the age of 90. As music journalist and supervising producer of Netflix’s The Get Down, Nelson George says: “He’s one of the great American songwriters.”George spoke with Tom […]

Birds ‘heard tornado coming.’

Multiple tornadoes devastated parts of the southern and central US in April US scientists say tracking data shows that five golden-winged warblers “evacuated” their nesting site one day before the April 2014 tornado outbreak. Geolocators showed the birds left the Appalachians and flew 700km (400 miles) south to the Gulf of Mexico. The next day, […]

“The Birth of a Star.”

Photograph by ESA/Hubble & NASA In this incredible image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, we are witness to the birth of a star. This Hubble image shows IRAS 14568-6304, a young star that is cloaked in a haze of golden gas and dust. It appears to be embedded within an intriguing swoosh of dark […]

“A Bad Day in Boston”.

In September 1904, a trolley car full of passengers returning to the suburbs from Boston struck a 50 lb box of dynamite lying on the tracks. The resulting explosion knocked over pedestrians 30 meters (100 ft) away, injured those standing closer, shattered windows, killed 10 people (including a child), and severely wounded 17 more. Would-be […]