“Hello, See you at the Luncheon.”

My name is Esther Harris, but some of you old-timers would maybe know me as Esther Davis. 
I started work at the Netley complex in 1976. 
I used to catch the tram and then walk 500 miles to work, hoping to get picked up by a lucky person with a car. 
I started work in the Binding Room where I quickly gained a name for myself as a workplace hazard, so was moved to the reading room. 
I was there for about 4 years, along with David Clarke, Nick Penn, Bruce Gow Ian Ingham, Jack Flack and Colin Thomas reading epic titles such as Butterflies of South Australia and the Tasmanian Yearbook, and who could forget the Government Gazette?
I’m still waiting for the musical starring Ivan Merritt.
I was a casualty of new technology and made redundant by the Dictaphone. 
I then  spent a happy 12 months making tealess urns as a Tea Girl and sweeping up crap until it was decided to offload me to The State Information Centre at the Black Stump in town, where all the nutters and toilet stalkers ended up.
All day I gave out completely uneducated opinions on matters of State and Commonwealth legislation until I was expecting my first child Danny, also the offspring of Rodney Parham, our Head Cheese.
Whilst there I met Don Bradman (when he was alive), Big Bird Joel Garner (who I thought was a basketballer) and the strange Mr. Gordon Howie (Government Gazette Crazy and the scourge of the Adelaide City Council).
Since the subsequent birth of my daughter Candace, I have worked in the areas of mental health (result of former occupation most likely) drug and alcohol, homelessness, HIV/AIDS and alcohol brain injury. Currently I’m with Anglicare. 
I look forward to seeing you all on 24 February – and by the way age has wearied me and time has definitely condemned…
Esther Harris (nee Davis).


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