“Photomechanical Staff in 1987.”

GPD 1987 005

G’day Rod
Here’s a picture for you.
The photo mechanical crowd from Netley taken in 1987. Most of the names I can remember and are listed below (with a few gaps).
You’ll be interested to see the late Bob Miller (who recently featured in one of your updates). He was passing through when I took the picture and no doubt wanted to join in. 
Cheers Mark Noble
Left to Right: Barry James, Alan Baker, Aldus Bogdanovs, Clive Baker, Rob Bruin, Ken Shevlin, Phil Pocock, Herb Kiess, Peter Gates, Keith Luce, Kaarel Lume, Rod (Bags) Baker, Bob Miller, Sandie Bruce, Felicity Turpin and Trina Butters.

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  1. Stolen Biro

    Rod, the “Strawberry Whale” (as he was affectionately known) is not in the photo (unless he’s hiding under the bench!). Ian passed away under very sad circumstances, I recall. He was a gentle giant.
    All the people in the photo have been named by Barry correctly, although I stand corrected.

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