“Photomechanical Staff in 1987.”

GPD 1987 005

G’day Rod
Here’s a picture for you.
The photo mechanical crowd from Netley taken in 1987. Most of the names I can remember and are listed below (with a few gaps).
You’ll be interested to see the late Bob Miller (who recently featured in one of your updates). He was passing through when I took the picture and no doubt wanted to join in. 
Cheers Mark Noble
Left to Right: Barry James, Alan Baker, Aldus Bogdanovs, Clive Baker, Rob Bruin, Ken Shevlin, Phil Pocock, Herb Kiess, Peter Gates, Keith Luce, Kaarel Lume, Rod (Bags) Baker, Bob Miller, Sandie Bruce, Felicity Turpin and Trina Butters.

10 thoughts on ““Photomechanical Staff in 1987.”

  1. Barry James wrote
    Hi Rod
    Thanks for the memories. Only one mistake in the Photomechanical Crowd; Dave Passmore is in fact Phil Pocock a Graphic Reproduction apprentice.
    Dave Passmore was a teacher of comps at Croyden Park TAFE College and for the record was a cousin of Phil Passmore who was employed at Netley as a computer type setter under Max Gill before he climbed the stairs to Photo Mech to operate the Opti Copy Camera.
    Eventually the camera was sold next door to Scott Digital in the Griffin Complex and Phil went with it competently operating it until he succumbed to bowel cancer in his early forties.
    Hope this has been of some use. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Barry

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  2. Rod, the “Strawberry Whale” (as he was affectionately known) is not in the photo (unless he’s hiding under the bench!). Ian passed away under very sad circumstances, I recall. He was a gentle giant.
    All the people in the photo have been named by Barry correctly, although I stand corrected.

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    • First of all I can’t believe you don’t know Felicity Turpin and Sandie Bruce.
      Secondly, I now have put up a photo of photomech with you in it and its taken before this one in 1987.
      Please help with the names if you can.


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