Ron, Grant and Rob.

Pictured at the Old Guv Legends Reunion in 2010 held at the Buckingham Arms Hotel we have from left, Ron Garland, the late Grant Bonser and Rob Davies. Ron and Grant worked in Despatch and the stores area whilst Rob Davies worked in Finance. Photo by Mark Noble.

Ann Hall.

Ann Hall, lives in Canberra and has been there for almost 20 years, working in Publishing. Ann was an Outstanding Apprentice in the Old Guv Photomechanical Section and then went on to work for Griffin Press Publishing.

Dave Walker.

David Walker (Print Room) was there on Sunday, 21st October, 2012 and spread himself around quite a bit. He enjoyed himself and we enjoyed his company. Photo by Mark Noble

John McInerney and Ramon Evans.

Both Compositors from the 1960’s onwards (I think). Mac terrorised me in my first year at the Guv. He broke my type gauge by running it through the cogs on one of the huge proofing presses they had in the Comp Room.. Ramon on the other had some st…

Jenny and Gary Easther.

Jenny Watson-Easther (mate, helper, photomechanical, clerical, and yes, she can talk) and her husband Gary (“Gooby Sparks”). Photo by Mark Noble