“Boof’s Big Words”.

book_blankColin (Boof) Rawlings was made Foreman of the Comp Room and a damn good one was he.
Coming from Griffin Press (Head Office) he had no idea of the way the Guv Comps minds worked. He never knew when we were serious or having him on.
Like the day that Frank Johnson (Machine Room Overseer) retired. Frank came to the Comp Room shaking hands with all the Comps.
“Good Luck Nigger!” Colin blurted out. Frank just stood there and glared at Boof.
“What’s wrong?” “You all call him Nigger?”
“But not to his face, you wanker.” Colin just shook his head.
“Sometimes, I just don’t understand you guys.” he said with a puzzled expression.
Once a week all foremen would attend a meeting with the Sales Team.
Mike Fuss chaired these meetings and he was a bit up himself.
Each week Mike would drop big words into his briefings. It made Boof cranky as hell!
So, the night before the next big meeting I picked a big word out of the Dictionary.
I told Boof what it meant and suggested that he work it into a sentence that he would drop during the meeting.
After two weeks Boof was beaming, he was winning the “word war”.
But Boof was getting a big head. It was time for a bit of “Gazette Nastiness”. So I made up a word, and gave it to Boof!
Poor old Boof, he came back from the meeting totally confused and said “They all laughed at me like I was some sort of fucking idiot!
Boof never asked me for big words again.