The New York Riot that shaped Medicine.

For most Americans, being a physician is a respectable profession, held in high esteem and relatively untarnished by the constant health care debates. But that wasn’t always the case, and one of the first major riots in the post-revolution United States was caused by popular anger against doctors. The so-called “Doctors’ Riot,” which began on […]

“Adelaide’s Red Bird Riders”.

From The South Australian Register, Thursday 18 February, 1897 Pg.6 Red Bird Club.— At a meeting of ‘Red Bird’ riders, held at Craig’s Cycle Depot on Tuesday, 16 February, it was unanimously decided to form a Red Bird Bicycle Club. A code of rules, which had been prepared by a sub-committee, was read and adopted. […]

“Boof’s Big Words”.

Colin (Boof) Rawlings was made Foreman of the Comp Room and a damn good one was he. Coming from Griffin Press (Head Office) he had no idea of the way the Guv Comps minds worked. He never knew when we were serious or having him on. Like the day that Frank Johnson (Machine Room Overseer) […]