“I was Frightened of the Sluggers.”

Billy Bunter Meets Magic newspaper clipping

When I started at the Old Guv in 1973, one of the first comps I met was Rags.
He was part of a vigilante group called the the “Snake Gully Sluggers,” other members included, Macca, Albert, Jock, Abo and Dago.
They were a pack of scary dudes, especially on Thursday “Gazette” Nights.
They went to the dirt floor at the O’Connell Street Wine Bar, (later named the “Pink Pig”) where they sucked at Port wine Flagons.
Did they ever order food? “NO!”
Abo got me in the shit on my first day with Cyril “The Clown” Barson by getting me to poke a clown’s head on a stick in Cyril’s big red face.
He told me Cyril would love the joke, but he didn’t. Cyril didn’t speak to me for over a month.
Then “Macca” ran my type gauge through the cogs in one of the huge proofing presses and all that remained was a pitiful 36 picas of battered type gauge..
The ultimate joke in my time at King William Road was when I was asked to go and get an 8 page Parliamentary Bill out of the Chase rack in the corridor, just off the comp room.
Feeling energetic, I yanked it out only to see all of the type, furniture etc. go crashing onto the wooden floor.
Feeling embarassed, I glanced around to see if anyone was watching.
And there they were!
Twenty bloody comps jammed into the door entrance laughing their cocks off and shouting,
“Look what the big headed Delmont medallist has done? You Dickhead!”
They got me, just by untightening the Hempel quoins a wee bit and using a useless “diss” forme.
They were very, very cruel.