“The Girl in the Black Jacket”.


Hi there Rod,
Here’s a story that you may not have heard!
Back in the early 1970s there was a binding girl (gorgeous looking) but I can’t remember her name.
She was involved in a crime with her boyfriend (he worked elsewhere).
They allegedly robbed a Deli at gunpoint. The Office was all abuzz when the story got around.
Now, at the Christmas break-up that year we all found our way to the Pub on the corner of Hindley Street and Morphett Street (our alleged deli robber included).
She was wearing this very expensive black jacket.
She took the jacket off and put it on a chair.
All the guys took turns in wearing it!
As the afternoon wore on and everyone was getting drunker one person went home with the black jacket on his back.
Later that night “this person” gave the black jacket to a another female at a party in the Parkside area.
On returning to work in the New Year the gorgeous Binding girl fronted the person who wore the knicked jacket home accusing him of being a thief.
The culprit replied, “I might have taken your black jacket when pissed out of my brain, but, I never robbed a Deli at gunpoint when sober”.

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