Above: Actor Ron Shand from the Australian TV Series “Number 96.”
Vic Thurston (Intertype Mechanic) had a cupboard full of money. He had bags of 10 pound, 5 pound, 2 pound, one pound and ten shilling notes.
There was also bags of 2 shilling pieces, one shilling pieces, six pence, threepence, pennies and half pennies.
Oh! Yes, it was all in a locked cupboard.
The workers could borrow money from Vic and pay it back on paydays (fortnightly on Thursdays).
Now, if you were an Apprentice and asked for a Loan he would always say, “Do you really need to borrow this money?”
I don’t think Vic was ever married. He was a short arsed man (about 5 feet 3 inches).
He looked a little like Ron Shand from “Number 96″.
I think Vic died before he reached retirement age.
I wonder who got all his moneybags?