“Purloining the Pooch”.

thomasdoyle_a2010914115028-scaled500From “Topical Points” – November, 1971
Once Upon a Time, a beautiful Golden Cocker Spaniel virtually lived in the yard of the Government Printing Office.
His coat shone and he looked every inch a canine aristocrat, but he loved scavenging. Each day he would appear and beg for food from lunching employees. He grew fatter.
The good looks and pedigree, as well as the lack of collar or registration disc, did not go unremarked.
A certain gentleman (no names, no pack drill) realised that here was a chance to obtain a real bargain.
Next day the dog did not appear, but the following day a large and irate policeman appeared, demanding the name and address of the so-and-so who had pinched the Governor of South Australia’s dog.