“Old Guv Sporting Legends”.

Photo: Ron Hamence with Ernie Toshack on the 1948 trip to England Top of the field naturally has to be Ron Hamence who toured England in 1948 with the Australian Cricket Team commonly referred to as “The Invincibles”. We also had several other players represent South Australia in cricket, Len Michael and Rex Blundell both […]

“I was Frightened of the Sluggers.”

When I started at the Old Guv in 1973, one of the first comps I met was Rags. He was part of a vigilante group called the the “Snake Gully Sluggers,” other members included, Macca, Albert, Jock, Abo and Dago. They were a pack of scary dudes, especially on Thursday “Gazette” Nights. They went to […]


Above: Actor Ron Shand from the Australian TV Series “Number 96.” Vic Thurston (Intertype Mechanic) had a cupboard full of money. He had bags of 10 pound, 5 pound, 2 pound, one pound and ten shilling notes. There was also bags of 2 shilling pieces, one shilling pieces, six pence, threepence, pennies and half pennies. […]

“Purloining the Pooch”.

From “Topical Points” – November, 1971 Once Upon a Time, a beautiful Golden Cocker Spaniel virtually lived in the yard of the Government Printing Office. His coat shone and he looked every inch a canine aristocrat, but he loved scavenging. Each day he would appear and beg for food from lunching employees. He grew fatter. […]