OzSlang: “S*****ys”.

industrial_revolution_child_laborThe Cobbers Dictionary defines a “shitboy” as a boy of below average intelligence who worked at the Government Printing Office, South Australia from 1860 until the 1970s.
Hey shitboy!
That’s what you would generally hear just before you were due to take the 2 oclock post out to the other Government departments.
“Can you pay this Bill?” “Can you get me a Meat Pie?” “I need an aspirin”.
Some would give you two shillings to run the errand. Sid Ball always gave FIVE shillings (a big amount in 1965).
Some of course gave nothing, but that didn’t matter.
At the end of the year they would go around with a Collection Tin. They usually collected 25 pounds at least.
Considering a “shitboy” only got around 5 pounds a week, it was a fortune.
Your first job in the morning was to sweep up the front path and steps.
You did this as quickly as possible just in case someone you knew who was walking past recognised you.
Then you filled up the Overseer, Superintendent and Government Printer’s wash bowls and their glass drinking water bottles.
Lunch Orders were next. At any time you may have to run some Mail to another Government Department.
There was a Bike for you to use, but most “shitboys” didn’t because it took longer to walk. You had to haul loads of metal across the bridge at any time.
Then it was Laundry to be taken down to the back of the Railways (near the Torrens River) and the two o’clock mail had to be taken all over the City. Parliament House, Government House, Industrial Court, Police Department, Education Dept. and so on….
In between doing “shitboy” work you would watch and listen to the Comps and pick up knowledge for your upcoming Apprenticeship in the following year.
Being a “Shitboy” was a Lot of Fun!


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